Christmas Letter 2017


The story of the birth of Jesus describes the tremendous faith, trust and obedience of the principal persons involved – Mary, Joseph, the shepherds and three wise men.

Mary was caught completely off guard when the angel told her she was soon to give birth to a baby boy.  She was confused and perplexed because she was not yet married to Joseph and thought it was impossible for her to be pregnant.  The angel assured her the Holy Spirit would take care of her and so she should not be afraid. Mary readily accepted the huge task and responsibility of being the mother of Jesus.

Joseph, engaged to Mary, was distraught to learn that Mary was expecting to give birth to a baby that did not belong to him.  He decided to leave Mary but an angel told him in a dream that the child was from the Holy Spirit.  The angel also told Joseph that he must not be afraid to marry Mary.  Joseph obediently followed the angel’s instructions and fulfilled the role of Mary’s husband.

The shepherds who were keeping watch over their sheep in the field were startled and terrified when an angel suddenly appeared to them and told them about the birth of Jesus.  They overcame their initial fear when the angel comforted them and told them where the child was born.  Inspired by the good news brought by the angel, they immediately decided to go and see the newborn child.

The three wise men who saw a special bright star in the sky decided to follow it for many miles because they believed it would lead them to where a new baby was born and who was to be the king of the Jews.

Mary, Joseph, the shepherds and three wise men all displayed a strong faith and trust in the message they received about the birth of Jesus and responded positively in celebrating the first and greatest Christmas of all in a stable in Bethlehem.  We pray that you also will celebrate this Christmas with a strong faith and trust in God’s love and mercy and acceptance of His plan for you.

May you and your family be blessed with lasting peace, love, comfort and joy during this Christmas season and throughout the New Year!


Leslie & Carmen Chin

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1 Response to Christmas Letter 2017

  1. Valerie says:

    Thanks Dad! Blessings to you and Mom this Christmas season.


    Val and Terry

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