Christmas Letter 2016


“Joy to the world, the Lord is come, let earth receive her King!”

These words of the popular carol exhort us to celebrate the birth of Jesus with our hearts full of joy.  There is every reason to be joyful in welcoming baby Jesus into our midst.  His birth marked the start of a new way of life for all – a life of faith, hope, love, forgiveness, compassion, humility, respect, peace.  Throughout His life on earth, He taught, encouraged and challenged us to accept and follow His teachings.

The predominant current events of violent behavior causing death and suffering among so many people and the loss of loved ones this past year could dampen our spirit of joy during this Christmas season.  Some of our relatives and friends may also be experiencing the effects of serious illness.  So while we celebrate with joy, we remember and pray for all those who are not so fortunate to enjoy the festivity of this special time of the year.

Perhaps this year, we could all experience a deeper feeling of true joy that we have never felt before.  With this in mind, I wish you all –

  •   The joy of peace – in spirit, mind and body
  •   The joy of hope – in all your dreams and aspirations
  •   The joy of faith – in all your beliefs and commitments
  •   The joy of trust – in God’s promises
  •   The joy of gratitude – for all your blessings, large and small
  •   The joy of patience – in every stressful situation
  •   The joy of forgiveness – in times of hurt feelings
  •   The joy of humility – in appreciating satisfying accomplishments
  •   The joy of compassion – for those who are poor and homeless
  •   The joy of encouragement – for those who are sick and dying
  •   The joy of listening – in times of quiet reflections
  •   The joy of love – in loving others and being loved

May you and your family be blessed with the peace, love and joy of Christ during this holy season and may the joyful spirit of Christmas be with all of you throughout the New Year!


Leslie & Carmen Chin

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