Christmas Letter 2012




Christmas Letter 2012

On the beautiful, silent, holy night in Bethlehem when Jesus was born in a humble stable, the angels proclaimed “Glory to God in the highest heaven and on earth peace among those whom he favours.”  Truly, there was a deep sense of love and adoration as Mary, Joseph, the shepherds and three wise men gazed upon the newborn infant.  Even the animals showed respect.

 As I prepare to celebrate the birth of Jesus during this Christmas season, I reflect upon the lack of peace in so many parts of the world todayActs of violence are committed unceasingly among peoples of different nations, religions and cultures.  Little children are among the many victims of the rampant violence that occurs almost dailyThere seems to be no solution to end the senseless acts of violence taking placeThe road to true and lasting peace is obscure and full of roadblocks and detours.

 My reflections led me to the words spoken by Jesus “Peace I leave with you; my peace I give to youI do not give to you as the world gives.”  Perhaps, if people had the Peace of Christ deep within their hearts, the road to true and lasting peace in the world would be clearer and easier to travel.

 So, my wishes for you this Christmas are May you and your family be blessed with the Peace of Christ.  May you also be comforted by the Holy Spirit in times of sorrow, strengthened in times of distress, protected in times of danger, enlightened in times of uncertainty and may you enjoy good health throughout the New Year.

 Joy to the World! Peace on Earth!

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1 Response to Christmas Letter 2012

  1. Valerie Burman says:

    “Fall on your knees, oh hear the angel voices. Oh night, divine…when Christ was born…”
    Thanks Dad and may God continue to bless you and Mom with his love!

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